Juvenile Detention Center Director, Todd Cheever


OverviewThe Minnehaha County Regional Juvenile Detention Center contains 53 secure rooms, six non-secure rooms, two special security rooms, three educational classrooms with computers and a library, a gymnasium, recreation yard, day room/dining area, kitchen and laundry facilities, visitation rooms, nurse's office, courtroom and maintenance and administrative areas.


The JDC employs 41 full-time employees and approximately 20 part-time staff members and contracts for nursing and food services. The Sioux Falls School District supplies two full-time teachers and one educational assistant to provide educational services. Students attend classes from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday, during the school year. Youth may also attend remedial classes in the summer months. During the evening hours and on weekends, youth attend various programming and recreational activities. Visitation and phone call schedules are listed below. Each youth is assigned a Caseworker, who monitors the child's case, provides crisis counseling and serves as the point of contact between the child, parents, court system and other individuals, agencies and service providers. If a parent/guardian has a question regarding their child, please call the JDC (367-4313) or schedule an appointment with the Caseworker.


The JDC operates a Home Detention Program, which is a non-residential alternative to secure detention for youth from Minnehaha County. Placement in this program must be authorized by a judge and approved by Home Detention Officers. The mission of this program is to provide participants with an opportunity to remain at home and attend school and/or work under the supervision of their parents and a Home Detention Officer, as opposed to remaining in secure detention until their case is disposed of.



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