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Message from the Treasurer

HouseWelcome to Minnehaha County's property tax payment site. As your county treasurer, I believe my goal is to provide the constituents of Minnehaha County with the best possible services to meet your continued and growing needs. With the rapid change in technology, I believe we are headed in the right direction with this type of electronic service. This site is designed to provide you with an additional method to research your property's information and to give you the opportunity to pay your property tax on line via electronic check.


If you would like to pay your property taxes by credit card, you may do so by calling us at (605) 367-4211. There is a minimum of $50.00 convenience fee per parcel.


If your taxes are delinquent, you will not be able to pay online. Please call the Treasurer's Office at (605) 367-4211.

Please take the time now to visit the rest of our Website, where you will be able to learn about other areas of our county. I am committed to using the Internet as one of the tools to provide you with the highest level of service. Please feel free to contact me through this site to give me any suggestions or feedback.



Minnehaha County Treasurer


Please click HERE to go to pay/view your property taxes.


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